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Welcome to the Val Hooligan Home page.

Val Hooligan are the band that Welshpete plays Keyboards for.
Information is currently being gathered for this page , including some wonderful piccies!
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Going strong in to the Millenium

The turn of the millenium sees the 5th year of Val Hooligan , with Pete joining Malcolm and Gatch (along with Dale and Chris at the time) on 18th Jan 1995.
The band have gigged virtually non-stop since then (only stopping for personnel changes) and have played somewhere in the region of 230 gigs
A few facts and figures at the bottom of the page.....
There are a few gig dates below as known, updated when i get the chance

Some facts and figures

In their first 200 gigs, Val Hooligan have........

....Played in the Market Tavern more often than any other venue, Christmas Eve 1998 being the 14th gig there.
....Used 4 Bass players, 3 drummers, 3 sound engineers, 2 lighting engineers, 3 drivers and any number of roadies.
....played at two weddings, but no funerals.
....travelled approximately the circumference of the earth to and from gigs.
....played 11 gigs in a calender month (March 1996).
....at a conservative estimate been seen by 40,000 people (average of 200 people per gig).
....played twice in a day on two occasions, and three times in a weekend far too often.

The most common venues are :-
Market Tavern (16 gigs)
Glasgow House ,Abertillery (6)
Oily Rag, Griffithstown (4)
Blaina Rugby Club (4)
Swyffryd Social (4)

Bass Players by gigs
Steve Bennett (104 gigs)
Paul McCarte (81)
Dan the Man (15+ still going)
Steve Barnes (14)
Jamie (1)

Drummers by gigs
Dale Crewe (165 gigs)
Paul House (25)
Terry (15+)
Steve Chard(10)

Gig Dates

16th October - Pencoed Legion, Bridgend
17th October - Dunraven Con Club, Penygraig

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