All About Me
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The Wonderful world of Peter L. E. Davies

Hello there.
This is for you poor unfortunates who don't know me, or would like to know me better. (you strange people).
I was born in Newport, South Wales on 17th July 1973.
I have spent most of my life in Risca , a small town just north of Newport.
I went to Rougemont School in Newport for 14 years of my education, and then set upon a degree.
I had the misfortune to choose Chemistry (click below for my thoughts on that) but in Bath I made some great friends (hiya guys!). After failing my second year there , I retook 2nd year Chem at Cardiff (hiya Cardiff dudes) and promptly failed again.
After 18 months working with British Gas in Swansea, I then moved to Midland Bank CSC (Hiya Swansea clan!)for 2 years , and in the summer of 1998 , decided to go back to college to do something useful.
I am now in my second year of Music , Acoustics and recording. (A course much more in keepin with my interests).

Fun and stuff

In my spare time (and at college I get lots more than when I was working!) my main interests are Music , American Football and BEER (mmmmm beeeeer).
I have played piano/keyboards for ages , playing in a band, Val Hooligan since 1995. (Link Below).
I am also a sound engineer (available for work!- e-mail me!).
I played american football in University at both Bath and Cardiff , and also for Bath Gladiators (BAFA league).
The beer speaks for itself i think, see the lads page for more info!