Bath Boys
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The Bath Bunch (and a few others)

Me and the boys (out on the beer)

1. Scott Barbary aka The Hunky Chunky Almond.
Scott is one of the few people mentioned here who did not go to Bath Uni, although he did spend rather a large amount of time with us in the Beehive. He's Cornish.
2. Jason Blight aka Chubby aka PAFKAC (piss artist formerly known as chubby) aka JB.
Jason did go to Bath with us and got a degree in Physics and something(computers?)and should be comended on his services to drinking. His mum owns a pub (WOO-HOO) and we go there and get drunk often. He's Cornish.
3. Matt Warner aka Blondman aka Mr Chomondeley-Warner.
Matt is still at Bath Uni (7th year) and is soon to complete his Phd, having done a B.eng in Mech eng. He still comes down the pub despite having a bird (see later). Sadly he is not Cornish (but he does look like he could be!)
4. Jon Moore aka Captain Nemo aka The Mole aka The hairdresser/haberdasher. Jon went to Bath and (eventually) got a degree in Biochemistry and now works in London. He comes down the pub left often since he met his bird (see later).
5. Olly Cruickshank aka Lurch. Olly went to Bath and got a degree the same as JB. He comes down the pub hardly ever since he met his bird.
6. Miguel Gomez aka Manuel aka FSB. Miguel did Maths at Bath and is now a teacher in London. He is Spanish....but we all have problems. He rarely comes down the pub anymore since he has imaginary female flatmates.

7. Tom Weld aka Hoofbeats(the demonic lawyer) aka Young Thomas.
Tom did Architecture at Bath for about 6 years and then decided he wanted to be a lawyer , so he's now doing that in Exeter. He too is Cornish.

8. Stuart Hodge. Didn't go to Bath and isn't Cornish (a first for people on this page). But he does drink too much (like all of us ) ,eats curries (like all of us), and earns too much (like Scott) . He has not been out on the beer nearly often enough recently (he even had the gall to miss Blakeney).

Pretty Boys one and all