Look out Exeter
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Out on the beer:- Tom and Pete do Exeter.

In late 1998, welshpete was residing in Salford and was very bored. The weekend of the Bath at
Hertfordshire game, nobody else wanted to go out on the beer (BOO!). So one quick phone call
to Young Thomas and the beers were back on again. So, on the Saturday, one very long drive
later, them lads, (all two of them) set about drinking Exeter dry.....
After a few pubs, it was decided that a game of, "It's another pub, therefore it's another drink"
was decided on .... and the day went something like this. (We know - we wrote it down!)

1. Great Western - Bass for Tom, Scrumpy for Pete (what was i thinking? 1st pint!)
Also a lovely pub lunch.
2. Red Cow - Stella for Tom, Strongbow for Pete.
3. Artful Dodger - Stella for Tom , Strongbow for Pete (OK so that was the same, but we're all
allowed one !)
4. Jolly Porter - Kronenbourg 1664
5. Imperial - Budweiser (I know it's not a pint but it was cheap!)
6. O'Neills - Grolsch
7. New Victoria Inn (with dodgy locals) - Carling
8. Chumley's (where was Matt?) - Heineken
9. Vines(with fat bloke - not me) - Fosters
10. Coolings - Hoegaarden - which was bloody horrible and got dumped, and the ceiling was too
11. Queen's Vaults Central - Carlsberg
12. Strikers - WKD (Alcoholic Irn-Bru!) - Sorry!
13. Black Horse (with shit band!) - Merrydown (boy was that a bad idea!)
Then onto Timepiece nightclub, A number of Vodka Red Bull's.
After an hour or so of Vodka and dancing, Tom got thrown out for being too pissed, and despite
protestations of how his mate was stuck inside , wasn't let back in.
Somehow through all the beer, we managed to find each other about an hour later (KFC for me!)
Then after the walk back to Tom's place , I managed to insult the French people in his house, and
then we had 3 hours sleep and headed for Bath, but that's another story...........