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Very Important - Please don't just click through

This warning is serious , please have a quick read.

The stories herein may cause offense


Many events and characters in this book bear a striking resemblance to persons , just about all living (still we might get lucky) ,
and therefore , due to its nature is liable to offend a great many of those aforementioned persons at some points.
The author apologises in advance for any bitterness , pain , anguish or heart attacks caused by the ritual abuse of fellow humans, most of whom I know , contained within this book.
If you feel particularly offended by any part of this book , drop me a line , and I will do my best to offend you some more, including a special mention in 'The Book of Moaning Bastards'.

Serious Bit

This book bears more than apassing resmblance to a significantly more popular book, namely THE BIBLE .
I strongly advise those people of a deeply religeous tendancy to avoid this book. While blasphemy and sacrelige are not intentional , it is inevitable that , due to the natue of this book, it will offend many , most notably, God himself.
Therefore I leave judgement to the omnipotent, omniscient Almighty, and if he should strike me down , you won't get to read this.
Just remeber everybody needs a good laugh, the Lord included.
Please don't fill my mail box with , 'The Lord shall strike you down' or 'I'll kill you when I get my hands on you' type messages. Just go away and don't revisit this part of the site.