Alas poor Bassist , I knew ye so well
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The Ex Bass Players

Do you remember Spinal Tap's drummers?
Well, over the years , Val Hooligan have gotten through a fair few bass players (fortunately they haven't been killed in bizarre gardening accident, or choked on vomit).

Here's a quick rundown of the bass boys

Name:Chris 'Bub' - not sure of his real name as he was only at a few practices. He was playing with the band before I joined, and before we were called Val Hooligan.
Reason for leaving: Not sure , I think something to do with work.

Name: Steve 'bonkers' Bennett - the main bass player during the first few years of VH - Feb 95 to June 96. About 100 gigs. Famous for his bald head hiding cap and punctual nature(not).This man has more gear (of every kind) than most of the rest of South Wales put together.
Reasons for leaving: Hmmm, just kinda time to go really.

Name: Paul McCarte - fomer sound engineer who took over following Steve B's departure. Famous for 'widdly wang-dang' Bass playing and impecable time keeping (not). Played approx 70 gigs between July 96 and August 97.
Reason for leaving: Needed to spend more time looking for UFO's

Name Jamie - Replacement for Paul. Practiced hard for two months then jacked in after one gig . Famous for his Woolworths bass guitar.
Reason for leaving: The pressure of super-stardom , left so fast he didn't even take his gear!

Name Paul McCarte (visit No.2) - Stepped in at super short notice when Jamie jacked.Stayed with the band from Sep 97 to Jan 98.(20 gigs) Thanks Paul!.
Reason for leaving: Taking more time on his Hypnotherapy.

Name Steve Barnes - New bass player recruited with Drummer Paul House. Famous for dodgy 'tache, being very shrewd with money(and not in a good way) and Trace Elliot gear 'Bling-blang-blong' (c/o P.McCarte '97). (25 gigs)
Reason form leaving: when money got tight.

Name Paul McCarte (visit No.3) June 98 - Feb 99 , Like a bad smell this guy just won't go away. (10 gigs)

Name: Dan 'the man' Howells
March 99-present, experienced bass man joined and looks set to stay for a good while.....