Pete's birthday 1997
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Pete's birthday/ Blakeney bash 1997

Below and on the next few pages are the photographic evidence that a good time was had by all on my birthday on 17-21 July 1997.

The first part of the plan involved going on a pub crawl in Bath taking in as many letters of the alphabet as possible.
The pubs are shown in order they were visited , rather than alphabetically.

First off (top left) the traditional starting point The Roundhouse . Here's me , JB and Olly looking healthy and ready.
Next came (top right) The Couer de Lion (smallest pub in Britain) Tom was with us ( he was in the roundhouse but he took the photo).
After that (bottom left) The Pig and Fiddle. A quite sit outside with some Haagen-Daz ice cream.
Then onto (bottom right) Sticky Wicket (formerly the lansdown arms) we were just building up to the big one.

Here we go......
The Couer de Lion
getting figgin' piddled
Sticky Wicket